Nau Mai, Haere Mai

We invite you to experience Wai Ariki Hot Springs and Spa.

We are uniquely built on the legacy of Ngāti Whakaue culture, healing practices and manaakitanga – the centuries-old and internationally-renowned Ngāti Whakaue concept of welcoming manuhiri (visitors).  

Nestled on the foreshore of the stunning Lake Rotorua and meaning ‘Chiefly Waters’ - Wai Ariki offers two architecturally stunning and culturally authentic areas for you to explore, unwind, rejuvenate and relax.  

Truly a feast for the senses, Wai Ariki is inspired, curated and owned by the local iwi, Ngāti Whakaue.

Both the Wai Whakaora, meaning (Restorative Journey) and the exclusive Āhuru Mōwai, meaning (Sanctuary - a place of peace and tranquility) are founded on te ao Māori values, traditions and culture.

These are truly unique not only to Aotearoa (NZ), but also world-wide. 

Restorative Journey - (Wai Whakaora)

Restorative Journey is one of the options for your first visit to Wai Ariki. It is grounded in te ao Māori principles and Ngāti Whakaue culture, traditional healing practices and manaakitanga and follows a pathway of unforgettable spa experiences that move you from heat to cool, mud to water, air to steam to maximise the therapeutic benefits. It is a 90 minute multi-sensory, immersive progression, infused at every point with the legacy of Ngāti Whakaue.

Sanctuary - (Āhuru Mōwai)

The Sanctuary is a luxurious, quiet space and a second core area to explore and experience at Wai Ariki. This is an exclusive, thermal bathing and spa experience and holds culture and wellness at its core. Rest and find stillness through mineral bathing & spa treatments. Unique pool experiences within the Sanctuary are combined with spa experiences inspired by centuries-old, Ngāti Whakaue traditional healing practices. Spa treatments provide access to the Sanctuary.


Join us in the Spa where taha tinana (physical), taha hinengaro (mental) and taha wairua (spiritual) health are delivered. Our packages focus on bespoke and exclusive experiences inspired by the legacy and traditional practices of Ngāti Whakaue, drawing on locally created and supplied products, founded on ancient healing.

Couples and Groups

Guests (manuhiri) who value privacy can indulge in private bathing in our exclusive bathing and mud rooms. Groups are also welcome – we can accommodate large groups in perfect seclusion.

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